amaranthine_7 (amaranthine_7) wrote,

Time to change

Hello everyone !

Friends only journal.
Comment to be added :) I usually always add back if you comment here. If you don't and that I don't know you from somewhere, I won't add back.

Just so there is no confusion, the friends only part is just for memes and my thoughts. All my fan arts will stay public.

Layout by refuted.
Friends only banner by alitaz.

If you are the creator of one of the icons on my sidebar, let me know so I can credit you.
the Pretender: ???
Pushing Daisies: ???
Merlin: colour_me_quick
Skins: ???
Carnivàle: ???
Sarah Connor Chronicles: ???
Veritas: ???
CSI: ???
The L Word: ???
Profiler: ???
The Fall: breaded_fish
Imagine me and you: ???
My Summer of Love: made by me
Wallace and Gromit: ???
Anastasia: ???
Wall-E: ???
30 seconds to mars: ???
Strata: made by me
Ryan Merriman: Ryanne
Emily Blunt: ???
Thomas Dekker: ???
Katie McGrath: ???
Ayn Rand: made by me
Sarah Waters: made by me
Tags: friends only
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