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Read The World !

Welcome to readtheworld, a book challenge community, which aims to read books from as many countries as possible in 365 days.

Officially the challenge has already started, but people are still jumping in and rushing to make their backpack (including me).
I really love the idea of this challenge. It's a really great way to discover new authors and new books.

Come and join us @readtheworld !

I decided to go with the Ambitious Adventurer challenge and so and read 36 books for 36 countries. Though the minimum is 18 countries for the Curious Tourist.

I'm not going to go very far since I choose to stay in Europe, but only eastern Europe. That's a part of Europe I've always been curious about and this challenge give me the perfect excuse to read books from those countries. Though I'll probably go to Asia at the end of the challenge because there is not enough countries in eastern Europe for my challenge.

I'm starting my little journey with Slovenia, and go to country to country from there, going north to start.
The first book I choose to read is Alamut by Vladimir Bartol. And of course, it's not available in the biggest books shop of Metz and it's missing from the libraries :P Though it's at the Reims libraries, so I'll borrow it there next week-end.

Tags: books, challenge
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