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Like/Dislikes + Contact Post for Merlin Holidays

Characters : Mordred, Morgana, Morgause, Kilgarrah
Morgana is my favourite character in the show. I love her duality (though not shown in the season so far, I'm imagining she is not pure evil) between good and evil. The fact that her home was at Camelot but that she now belongs to the forest and the "evil" people because of the laws of the kingdom, that she love the people she grew up with but feel closer to the ones she just met recently and have to make a choice between them because her two worlds cannot coexist.

Mordred is close to being my favourite character in the show. He is however my favourite character in the arthurian legends. I really really love him, pure evil or not. But if he is depicted as pure evil I want him to have valid motives behind his actions and not being evil for the sake of it.

Morgause is a character that fascinates me by how strong and intelligent she is.
I'm really open to any interpretations of the character.

And finally Kilgarrah.
I just love him for his in outsider, not entirely good role :)
A fic/art on him could be interesting, but I have to admit I'd prefer the other characters as main ones.

As you can see I'm usually more inclined towards the "evil" people in this show than the "good" ones.
Though I like them with motives, with ideas and with duality and not just evil for being evil.

I really like Arthur but I usually prefer him in comparison of the arthurian legends and what he will eventually become rather than what we see of him on a weekly basis.
I don't care that much about Merlin. I like him, but he doesn't interest me so much as a character. The same goes with Gwen, but her it's because I feel she has a huge lack of characterization in the show since season 2. She seemed to exist only through other characters and not on her own, which make me have little interest in her on her own...

I really like Lancelot too, but as Arthur, mainly in comparison to the arthurian legends.

And for the multiple other characters, I have little to no interest in reading/seeing creation about them, though when their in the background I don't mind.

Pairings : Morgana/Gwen, Morgana/Morgause, Morgana/Arthur are the main ones. The others are mainly Morgana/Everyone.

Any interpretation is fine. I'm really interested in any view or possibility in those relationship.

I also like to a lesser extent Arthur/Gwen/Lancelot but again mostly in comparison with the arthurian legends than within the show itself.

Rating : Any rating will be fine.

Kinks/Tropes/Characterizations you'd like to see in your gift : I love modern AU of any kind, magic kept or not. I'm really not difficult when it comes to modern AU and usually like all I read if the characters/pairings are of interest to me.
I also like in period story. I just have a slight preference for modern AU.

I really enjoy story/art about childhood or growing up and/or story/art that include some kind of struggle/conflict for the character(s) but that end well.

I'm also really keen on character study, especially Morgana and Mordred.
Usually plots are of less interest to me than characters. I'm not saying I don't like a good plot, but if there are really weak characters, a very good plot won't be able to replace that for me.

And I love fluff and happy people. It doesn't have to be all the way through the story (if it's a story) but I'd like it to end well or have a general positive atmosphere.

Squicks : Please no spoilers. I like the surprise of finding things out for the first time when I see them.
No RPF either. I have nothing against it and do read/look at some from time to time, but I prefer character based creation.
No death of main characters, no drugs (that doesn't interest me at all), nothing too seriously bad unless it's in the background, like the source of a struggle/conflict within a character.

Prompts : Surprise me !
(and I have no idea what to give as prompts :P)

But really, just surprise me :)
I'm very easy to please if you base your fic/creation on my favourite characters/pairings. I like almost everything and anything related to them :)
The Kinks/Tropes/Characterizations are just my main interests but any other should be able to suit me fine too :) The only thing I don't want is a sad fic/art. I'm really curious about anything when it comes to my favourite characters/pairings.

If you have any questions, or want me to clarify something or just anything, don't hesitate to ask me via an anonymous comment.

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