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Recipe 006 - Brioche (Second Try)

I'm really behind in posting recipes... I have three others I need to write and post. I'll try and get them ready this week-end, as I have a four day week-end (well almost, I'm working four hours on Sunday) because of the bank holidays.
Let's start with my second attempt on brioche.

Last time I tried brioche I kinda failed but I still really wanted to try and bake a brioche. This time I used a recipe from Les Gourmandises d'Elise and the brioche came out much better than my first try.

It's not yet the texture I would like to get, it's not airy enough, but it's much better and much closer to what I'm looking for.

What you need:
-500gr of flour (33 tablespoons)
-160gr of warm milk (10 and half tablespoons)
-140gr of soft butter (9 tablespoons)
-100gr of sugar (6 and a half tablespoons)
-2 eggs
-11gr of dehydrated yeast (2 teaspoons)

What you do:
-Reactive the yeast in half the milk. You may want to add sugar in the milk to help reactive the yeast. Let it rest under a cloth for ten minutes.
-Mix the flour and sugar together. Add the eggs, the milk and the milk with the yeast.
-Add the butter. Mix it all.
-Knead the dough for ten minutes. Add a bit of flour if necessary. (I had to add some to the table surface so the dough wouldn't stick to it).
-Make three lines with it and entwined them. (I personally just used two lines).
-Place it in a baking tray, cover it with cling film. Put it in the fridge for eight hours.
-Get the dough out, leave it out for thirty minutes to let it warm up.
-Beat an egg yolk and spread it on top of the brioche (I personally didn't do it).
-Place it in the oven at 180°C/350°F for thirty minutes.

In other news I got offered the job I interviewed for last week ^^
I'm really happy about that because it now means that I will remain full-time in September, but most importantly that I'll still be working in Public Libraries only, and that I will have the money to undertake a BA with The Open University :D

I am still highly undecided at to whether I want to do the one on Philosophy only or the one on Philosophy and Psychology. I'm hoping that the open day on the 19th of June will help me decide because right now I keep changing my mind. I blame that entirely on the app iTunes U on my iPad. I discovered it earlier this week and since then it has been my main activity outside of work. I keep exploring all the courses they have and I've starting a general introduction to Philosophy. So now I want to do the BA on Philosophy only. Though I have downloaded a sort of introduction to Psychology to find out more about it and see if I'll actually like it (which I suspect I will and that won't help me decide anything :P).
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